Case study: A Nonstop Line Every Day at HostCon 2015

Internet domain name company Rightside faced some stiff competition at its first HostCon conference. The San Diego technology expo features huge exhibitors like HP, Intel, and Lenovo. On top of that, many of the booths this year had come up with incredible booth attractions like a booth full of pug-nose puppies (really!) and free Nerf guns.


The only way to compete with that kind of firepower was to zig where everyone else was zagging. So rather than pile on the technology, Rightside took a sideways leap into the art world. They decided a personalized caricature would be their best shot at recognition.

Their big news at the 2015 expo was their .news domain. (If you want a website that ends in, check them out!). To go with the news theme we had the hashtag #newsworthy printed on each digital caricature.


After each caricature was drawn, a social media specialist on the team snapped a photo of the attendee and then uploaded it to Rightside’s twitter feed. They had a monitor hooked up to a live Twitter photostream so people could instantly see their snapshot stream on the monitor. And of course, attendees were asked to tweet out their caricature with the #newsworthy hashtag as well.


Julia was drawing non-stop over the two-day show and the line never seemed to get smaller. Here’s what Rightside’s Sean Ottey had to say:

We have worked with Julia a number of times and every time is a blast! At HostingCon we had a line before the event even started and it continued all day every day. Not only are the drawings fun and engaging, we had the opportunity to speak with people at our booth for an average of 5-7 minutes. This is incredible engagement. Julia was wonderful and tireless. Can’t wait for next time!

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