Case Study: Lines around the corner and a best in show award

Here’s a case study of how digital caricatures helped take one booth to a whole new level.

The Client: RISC is a Houston, Texas-based learning management software company that had a booth at the ATD Conference in Orlando, Florida.

The Problem

As an established industry leader in learning management systems, RISC had been exhibiting at the ATD Conference for over 20 years. Management was concerned that it would be hard to make a memorable impact, especially among those who had seen their booth in previous years. Additionally, they faced stiff competition from 1200 other booths. What could they do to stand out from the pack?


The Solution

RISC took a two-pronged approach to their booth attraction. First, they created a customized 15-minute live presentation on their software solutions. The two presenters integrated a CSI theme, complete with police investigator costumes for the two “agents”. The presentation ran every half hour.

To get people in the booth to see this presentation, they hired JK Expressions to draw digital caricatures on both sides of the booth. With RISC’s logo printed on each caricature, and lanyards for hanging the caricatures around each attendee’s neck, it was the perfect way to not only draw the crowds in, but spread the RISC brand all over the conference in a fun organic way.

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The Results

A crowd surrounded the booth for three solid days, with some attendees standing in line for two hours (yes, two hours!) to get their digital caricature. With such a captive audience surrounding the booth, there was always a crowd gathered to hear and participate in the presentation. The booth staff were busy all day long interacting with the attendees standing in line and there was never a moment of downtime from the moment the exhibit floor opened until closing time.

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In three days JK Expressions drew more than 250 attendees, and RISC reached many more than that with their learning management software solutions.

As the cherry on top, RISC won the conference award for Best in Show booth out of more than 1,200 exhibitors.


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