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Our veteran, hand-picked digital caricaturists have had decades of experience making people laugh. So you’re planning an event in San Diego and need a dash of awesome? We can help create the perfect atmosphere with our hilarious live digital caricatures. We guarantee a sure hit! GET CUSTOMIZED QUOTE!

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We hear that the French Riviera is called "the poor man’s San Diego"; we heard it because we made that up just now. But we bet San Diego could give’m a run for their money. With year-round sunny weather, gorgeous beaches and that chill SoCal vibe, San Diego is one of the top destination spots in the country. If you’re planning an event in San Diego, great choice. If you live in San Diego, even better! Either way, by far the best choice you can make for your event is to hire one of our professional live digital caricature artists. We’ll get your guests drawn in full color, provide an on-the-spot printout, and they’ll get a digital copy….because Facebook and Instagram need to see the caricature too, right?

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The Family Fundraiser For Vista Hill At The Children’s Museum In San Diego

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